Saturday, September 08, 2007

the last frontier

this is kookie's dad's palawan adventure
a few weeks ago, my hub went to this exotic islands situated in the western border of the Philippines on a business trip. An hour's travel by plane from manila, puerto princesa city, palawan is a tropical island paradise with it's unspoiled beaches, world-class diving sites, lush virgin forest, endemic flora and fauna, ah well...on and on...

palawan is also home to one of the world's famous diving spots which is called the tubbataha reefs. the city's bays abound with magical underwater coral garden reefs, home to fascinating marine life. palawan is considered as the country's last ecological frontier and the locals take pride in it's name. the people are generally warm and friendly and makes your stay a lasting experience.

puerto princesa today has gained the recognition and honor as the country's cleanest and greenest city under the leadership of Mayor Edward S. Hagedorn.
kookie's dad getting ready for a sidetrip
dos palmas, where gracia burnham got abducted by some bandits
getting into the world's longest navigable underground river @ a length of 8.2km

underground river
opps...i think i see jack sparrow

simply palawan

as told to me by kookie's dad


preetha said...

Woww!!! Thats an awesome place!!!!
How are you shnaggyy??? its been so long since hearing from you :) hope kookie's also doin great!

:) :)

Rajeev said...

WOW! that place looks great!
btw where have u disappeared? I miss u at mu blog!
come back soon and hope ur fine!

peace & love

Cris said...

Stunning! And your husband's name is ... Jonhny? :-) Oh my the beauty of this place...

Carol said...

Such a beautiful place, Sheila...Why didn't you take the adventure along with hubby? I Imagine Kookie wouldn't have been too happy about being left alone..

Tomorrow Beatie is getting all spruced up to go to the pet festival, she doesn't know it yet, but she is in for a huge bubble bath, and a long walk to the festival..Last year she took on a couple of very large dogs, she thinks she is a Doberman not a pug..:)

If I take some pics I'll email them to you..

love Carol

K M F said...

very cool shots

KAYLEE said...


hows you? havent visited in a while!!!!!!!!! been sick alot :(

Keshi said...

WOW these pics r UNREAL! So beautiful Shnaggy!

Hope ur keeping well.


curryegg said...

How are you lately?
Didn't realise that you've finally updated your blog..!!
And these photos are really beautiful.. Wish to be at there..

KAYLEE said...

how are you lately?


Carol said...

Hi, sheila just popping in, how are you and Kookie..
Love Carol