Monday, July 23, 2007

mambucal resort

as our stay in this new place progressed, the mess almost done, internet connection purely by luck, we took a breather. surprisingly to another volcanic wonder which is way too close to our place at less than an hour drive. the place is called MAMBUCAL right at the northwestern foot of the active Mt. Canlaon (2465m asl). this place has continued to awe me and i am a tourist in my own country.

just around the place they have these hundreds of mini hills sprawled that looks exactly like the famous chocolate hills of bohol

they also have a miniature rice terraces like the 2000 year-old banaue rice terraces

another one is this amazing waterfall that just sprouted out of a cliff, no river

hot pool where temperature is controlled from a mixture of the sulfuric hot spring
boating lagoon

i call this the smoking rock cuz smoke is coming out of it only i wasn't able to capture a clear shot

i tried to climb the seven falls alone and shunned away the tourist guides as i know i will be climbing up to the first falls only. but there is this wise kiddo who secretly went ahead and met me along the way and presented himself as my guide.

my "unprofessional" guide zoren who keeps talking like a proffesional. i gave him some cadbury and potato chips and a bit of school money for the whole week. the more he talked non-stop.

my extra hot coffee at the sulfuric hot spring where the temperature ranges from 90 to 100c

the heart of mambucal
as my hub and i were taking shots at these boiling mud i saw our shadows and remembered nabeel's little heart. i made a bigger, hotter, and boiling heart.

sad to say that two days after i took this shot, we heard from the local news that a man fell into this boiling mud area and burnt himself badly.


Cris said...

That is sooo beautiful, the waterfall, the hot baths, the heart, nature itself! What a nice place to live! Hope you get your connection fixed soon.

Moi said...

Beautiful place to be at ...let alone live there!!! lucky u!!!! and hot springs is something i have always wanted to see........

KAYLEE said...


Nabeel said...

the waterfalls look very .. well simple and soft :) .. there sound is soothing. Many buddhist shops have small waterfall things .. that people put next to their beds for a relaxing sound.

curryegg said...

Ohh... this place is lovely.. and I love the waterfall... great and interesting trip!

Carol said...

Hope you are well, Sheila, these photos are very beautiful.. Your little guide is so cute.

hugs to you...

Keshi said...

omg thats such a beautiful place!!


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Thats an amazing place. The third pics my favorite...lots of yellow flowers and a waerfall...nd the last heart pic too :) Sad that somebdy fell in there. But really you must have had such a great time there shnaggs!!!

:) :)

Carol said...

Hi Sheila,
How are you? And little Kookie..
Hope you can get your connection up and running so we can hear from you..

We miss you posting.


KMF said...

That is so so beautiful and nice captured

`NEFTY said...

Looks like paradise:]

Iron-Man said...

Great photos, and Ruby is cute too!

Nabeel said...

me and my girlfriend took the same type of picture couple of months ago .. making the heart together. lovely :)