Wednesday, February 14, 2007

happy valentine's day ALL

i'll share with you "my notebook"...the story of two young loves torn between family, status in life, distance and ... well watch it please...

go get a copy

kookie says: nope, am not endorsing tostitos...this is what my mum stuffed me to stay put beside her while watching
her fave The Notebook...we watched it together 17 times...
with tears flowin' like a river... hmmm mum...more tostitos please!!!!!hurry!!!!!!!!



shammu... said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too!
Quite incidentally,theres a new movie in our regional language doing big rounds these days called "Notebook"!!i watched it a number of times,cos its too sweet ;)

shammu... said...

i havent watched the movie, but i have read the book by Nicholas Sparks ;) i know!its a sweet one really, and i guess i would have 2 watch it soon! ;)
well..the story of this Notebook,is entirely different,although its also a love story,set in a high school environment..the film raises a lot of questions that most teenagers 2day are affected by! :)

and yep, A Very Happy Valentine's Day to u too,and to Kookie too!!i hop u r havin a gud time ;) s still single,ready 2 mingle..heeeeeeeehheeeeee...
take care..

Anonymous said...

mid feb of last yr when i watched that movie with my cousin. she had a dvd copy which she bought from UK. was still preggy back then.
my... (just thinking of it makes me cry) it left me with a distented eyes... touching, romantic, indeed a love that is eternal....loved it!
I highly suggest as well the movie "Love Story" starring Ali McGraw and Ryan O'Neal, a film taken in the 70's. That is where i learned the cataphrase, "love means never having to say your sorry"......


shnaggy said...

hi goes?

i think i have seen an original copy of "love story" but i have exchanged it to the notebook even if i have watched the movie...well...think i'll go back
grab a copy now. thanks, i know it is on sale...heheh...

arvin looks more like you now with angelina jolie kissable lips!!!
thanks for dropping by...c yah!!!

hi shams...

if you have read the book...then sometimes we get disappointed with the movie...but i haven't read the i say great movie!!!

my sis gave me an illustrated version of the da vinci code and when i got a dvd copy...i have yet to finish it...still at the middle...heheh

c yah!!!