Thursday, February 15, 2007

a weird romantic valentine

fancy dinners in candlelight
champagne sparkles the night
red roses and chocolates spruced
but not mine because...

took me to a mountain
with greens a-rollin'
overlooking the shore
but my mind was in galore...

the palms danced
as the wind bounced
the sun slowly sinking under
but my mind was down under...

a chopper hovered above
your cellphone vived
a bomb threat around
but my mind was out of bound...

we had pizza under the stars
"learn to be still" played in the car
a black dog showed up, indeed i was still
but my mind was in for the kill...

i love silence!
but not deafening silence!
it would have been perfect!
but my mind was in defect...

but then...all so bizarre...

* * *

kookie says: bwahahahahaha...i know that place...overlooking the pacific ocean, with lush green palms, neatly trimmed grass and hedges, in the middle of a thousand graves that is...the place is called zamboanga memorial gardens...
nice dad...good for mum...i bet she was hahahappy.

1 comment:

shammu... said...

hehe!glad to know u had a weird yet romatic vday! ;)
mine wasnt that went out with my frends,and we had loads f fun running around the beach, pulling each other's legs and chattering and hogging alot!!!hehe..vday can be fun without a guy too ;)
take care!