Sunday, February 11, 2007


don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful.

photo in memory of wally

-- ann landers

kookie says: EXACTLY!!! havaianas sunday everyone...err...havanice...


shammu... said...

Namasthey to U ;) !!

haha! the dog says exactly eh?? thats cool!!

i read ur namasthey experience in Oz!hehe! i liked ur conclusion ;)

take care!!

shammu... said...

u can call me Shams, no problemo ;) still awake, i had slight feevr today, and so slept the whole of evening :D and yep its going to be 2 over here, 1 hour diference b/w Qatar and Uae!

i dint know about the tanker u told out of touch with the world, dont read newspapers, dont watch Tv,... LOL...leadin a disorganised life...hehe...devastation eh?...hmm.. thts sad..anyways i hop i can read about it in the blog :D

Take care!!!

shammu... said...

and seeing ur pic me thinks u hve got a slight Indian touch too! ;) no wonder that lady told u Namasthey :D

anyways me off to sleep now! i hop u hve a good trip today!
Good day!
take care!
hugs 4 you!