Sunday, April 15, 2007

rafting see dee ohh!!

white water rafting has been the most promoted adventure of my city's tourism. but have not really been well promoted locally, i believe. cagayan de oro folks knew that rafting is there somewhere but really doesn't have a clue...

so now that we are on the verge of moving away from this city (but to a place near boracay) my hub, scott, and i decided to give it a try. and it turned out to be one great adventure. we can not imagine we tried this only now. we vowed to do it again before summer's over. the site was just like within our own backyard. heheh...

well, the ride to the site was just 20-30 minutes away from my house. we left the car at the end point and rode the jeepney top loaded with our rafts down a very steep road to the river. the best part of the ride was that it didn't take ages. and we didn't have to endure rough, dusty roads for long. the start point was very near the city and it has an awesome view of the river.

we were four rafts alltogether and we were 8 in our raft (overloaded with 5 big guys). thanks to our team they are just so wacky and fun to be with. [top photo] clockwise from left sylvain, richard, george, my hub, me, scott, simon and thanks to our ever conversant guide at the rear GLENN . all of us were strangers to the rest but when the rapids came to a close we had just one voice that goes... whoooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!!

white water action

side trips

crossing the river at the cavern,
graduation rock

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scott jumped off graduation rock. this is his first time to jump that high you could see some awkward action splashhhhhh....brave yeayyy... bravo!!!

from our pix above, you could see who the adventurer is, who is scared, who is seriously funny, and who just go with the flow.

for the three of us, it cost us a little less than a hundred dollars inclusive of photos and video plus a good yummy lunch of grilled tuna, chicken bbq, prawns, and drinks. and special thanks to all the red rafts guides specially glenn, bryan, poco, and cernan who took our awesome photos and video. to all of you guys, it's been a wonderful adventure. see yah

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Rajeev said...

Cool pics :D
so u uploaded the photos at last :D

Peace & love

carol said...

See what happens when you take deep breaths and breathe.....great photos and it looks like you all had really great fun..If I were younger maybe I would try it, now I will just admire your photos...:)

shnaggy said...

hi raje, yeah at long last i did. really cool pix and we didn't have to worry if our cam gets wet. it's not ours. heheh.

oh carol, yeah i did take deep breaths and good for the heart. oh yes you can do this now. my mum will try it soon and she's 66. so with my dad probably ;)

Keshi said...

looks like MEGA fun!


magiceye said...

love the sport! its sure is exhilirating!

Anonymous said...

guess u had lots and lots of funnnn!!!
i would love to go over there, in that waater :D i bet my twin would do too!!

and if u need any recipe of curry with tomatoes,me would happily send you, my mom is fed upof teaching me anyways :D!!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW wow woooooowwwwwwwwwww :) :):)

Anonymous said...

sorriee,me wil send it tomorrow!!! :D i hope itsokie!

Margie said...

Thanks for the visit this morning!
Jake is GREAT!
We love the little guy so much!
He's growing like crazy!

Looks like this was lots of fun!
Loved the pictures!

Even though I'm taking an extended break from blogging, I'll be popping in here now and then!
Take care, my friend!


Nabeel said...

fun, happy, dangerous, and enjoying the summer pictures :) I've never been rafting .. i guess am not a water person

N said...

nice pics!! :)

bloghopped from shammu!! will come back

Rajeev said...

hey i've nominated ur blog for hottese mommy blogger award!!
here is the link! :)

Rajeev said...

Carol said...

Hi, Sheila, how are you? I'll send you an email in the next day or so..

Anonymous said...

Hi..nice blog...hope I can do the same blog as you've's so amazing...really nice.....keep up the good work....

shnaggy said...

hello anonymous, thanks for the comment. how bout you? do you have a blog? send me the link please.

as you see, i have not updated my blog for more than a month now cuz we just moved and my internet connection really sucks!

am just waiting for the right time and for sure i'll be all over my fave blogs again. i miss visiting their blogs, too.

again...send me your link!!! see yah!!!

Nabeel said...

i wanna do rafting too, but I am not a water person .. so much wanna go for skydiving .. now tht's something I'll be good at. But they are kinda expensive.

shnaggy said...

that would be the best!!!