Wednesday, April 25, 2007

meet my new baby...

opppsss...not this. cuz this is kookie and she is a witch. that i love so much.

and not this. cuz this is sammygirl. so busy playing mobile games.

nor this. cuz this is a *little girl in the mall who got my attention. she was so cute with a fake tattoo on her cheek. she is the first subject snapped with my baby...


and so meet my new and latest baby. the nokia N73 music edition.

pros: this is one good cellphone. definitely an all-in-one phone. a digital camera with 3mp carl zeiss lens, an mp3 player, takes an mp4 format video, and best of all it is a 3g phone that comes with a 2GB mini sd. don't mind so much 'bout the 3g is a cellphone!!! it has an added music key unlike the original N73. very compact and black.

the screen is large enough to open an office document so you'd have the feel of a bit of pda features. it can do multitasking like write or edit sms or take pictures and listen to music at the same time.

the phone is so lagging. though some techies say it is usual with 3g phones. if you are using sms often, the keypad is too small and flat. and when you hit clear button, there is a tendency that you'd let the phone slip your hand. and for the cam, the shutter speed...ahh swell. the heck do i know about shutter speed. well, another thing... taking pictures while the bluetooth is activated is not a good idea as the phone may hang. i've experiencedit twice already. and it's
available only in black.

all in all, i love this phone cuz this is my birthday present. thanks my bay. you are so nice,
eat your heartout...heheh. initially the sony ericsson k800i was my top choice.
goodbye to my most loyal motorola razr v3. it was so handy and snugs in a handbag or the
pocket well. it got sold for a real good price.

well, here are other pix i snapped on that first moment of navigating my n73.
the beautiful sunset at a mall parking and a hallmark card that's not selling like hotcake anymore due to the email era.

*tatoo girl pix with permission from the mum
**blogger is crazy these days...


Rajeev said...

Atlast u did upload the pics :D
Grreeaat! :D
Definitely one of the best phone as of now !:)

Peace & Love

preetha said...

hey!!!! tht tatoo girl was sooo cute :) :) and you gotta new phone! coolll!!1 :) :)

nd kookie looks as cute as ever!! :) :)
smiles to u shnaggyyy!! have a wnderful day!!!!!!!!11

magiceye said...

hey ... happy birthday!!!
that sure is a cool gift you got! happy clicking and listening to your fav music!

curryegg said...

Oh.. U love N73? Me too.. but I cant effort it. I'm still a student. salary. Nice to read your blogs.

Ash said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!
You have a great blog here as well!

-: :Abhi: :- said...

Hey!!...thnx for thos words..:)
N73??...kewl...I actually wantd to an N series but thn ..i went for the cybershot..:)...U really making use of tht uh..i can see a real gud set of piks here..n the dog luks cute!! ;) Do visit again..
Keep rolling...

`NEFTY said...

Hahaha, nice new cell:]

Sharad Mathur said...

N73 is a sexy model by nokia.
u seen N95 thats the latest one.. :)


Anonymous said...

hi shnaggy!!! (as what all people call you here) hehehehe

Hahahaha, If not that I've bought my new notebook, then I too could have also owned the exact semblance of your new baby.

anyway, Good luck in your new baby, hope it won't give you headaches as it grows old.



curryegg said...

Thanks for leaving a comment to me but hey! U left 2? I didn't receive. Anyway, nice to meet you shaggy. Ya..I agree that I will learn to be a better girl and a prepare myself for being a parent. haha.. THx. I'll remmeber this!
HOpe to see you again.

shammu.... said...

that sweety girl is sooo cute!!!

and ofcourse kookie tooo ;)!!!
you got a new mob and i can see all new pics comin up here!!!!


shnaggy said...

thanks all...

and thanks to rajeev...he was my deciding factor for getting this n73 music edititon. i've been dreaming of the sony k800i. but the n73 is pretty much better!!!

Keshi said...

the latest BABY does look HOT. CONGRATTZ!


Noushu says: said...

hai friend,
Thanx for visiting my photograhy blog.
I also appriciate u for got wonderful blog. it is a colorful one.

Nice post.

Moi said...

Hey happy b'day and thanx for the comment that u left behind on my blog..........i enjoyed my first vist here totally..and hope to be a regular here :)

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Nabeel said...

you will see more of these fake and cute tattoos during summer.

Anonymous said...

you really have the very nice phone in the nokia world now. you really deserve to have that phone as your presents because your hubby loves you so much