Wednesday, March 14, 2007

a dear blogger friend...

to carol with all my love and prayers...

few days ago carol visited my blog and left a comment telling me that she has a pug, too.
the name is beatie and she is a 3-year-old cutie pug. and so i was ecstatic to know about her. because carol is the first blogger that came by my blog who owns a pug. am happy cuz we could share the same thread which is the love of pugs and all in this wonderful world of free blogs. and so i asked if she could send me her pug's photo which thankfully she did.

these days carol didn't have a new post. she emailed me that she hasn't been feeling well. but i still kept checking on her blog. a while ago i read an editor's note that says she is not in good shape. i feel sad and if sharing her pain would ever make her feel a little better and lighter...

i have learned through experience that the the power of prayer is very strong specially when it comes from the bottom of other people or from a stranger's heart. if your eyes and mind can read this post then maybe you can give a heart & a little prayer to a blogger friend, carol...i know she'll be back blogging soon!!!

she has a wonderful work of poetry that dates back some 20 years. you can check her musings from down under @

get well soon my friend.

here are a few pix of her adorable pug, beatie:

jayne and beatie

[these photos, with permission to blog from carol]

and yes, i am back. the waters didn't have fish...see yah!

kookie says: g'day beatie. nice to see you here!!!


david santos said...

a nice sweet post, thank you
have nice week

shnaggy said...

buenas dias mi bloggah amigo david!

Margie said...

I am keeping Carol in my prayers!
Thank you for this post!
So kind of you!

Her pugs are just adorable!!!

Glad you are back!
How was the fishing?

Carol said...

Hi, shnaggy, I am not too sure if you received my post it seems to have dissappeared.. I am feeling a little better this afternoon and wanted to thankyou for your love and prayers, they are very much appreciated...:)

And a huge thankyou for this lovely post and Beatie and Jayne
look beautiful....when I am feeling better I will look for a picture of myself with Beatie..

Thanks once again for you prayers.. Love Carol

Hope this one gets through it is my third attempt..!!!!!!!:(

magiceye said...

my best wishes for carol