Thursday, March 15, 2007

not a beer ad

this is not a beer commercial nor a cigarette ad.
this is a humanity campaign to HELP save our children's future by keeping them safe in our homes drinking milk instead of having booze somewhere.

by seeing this... they will know how stupid and pathetic they will look like when they drink and get drunk and fall down ...

[kookie was not harmed nor forced in doing this photo shoot. she cooperated well to help save even just one teenager.
however, she demanded a large amount for her talent fee]



preetha said...

kookie is soo sweeeet :) :)


Margie said...

Love your Kookie!
Hey, Jake says..."woof-woof!"
Good one!

Anonymous said...

kookie must be on crack....

magiceye said...

kookie looks so cute.....might encourage others to imitate!

Carol said...

Beatie says hi to Kookie...and Carol is resting ....;)

Rajeev said...

Finally! Im leavin a comment on ur blog :D
hehehe!! :P
No BOOZE :O!! OMG I can't imagine how mah life would be wid out it :-S
Just because u have booze doesn't mean that u have to end up like that?
There's always a limit for everything :D U just have to make sure that ppl dont go beyond that!!

and btw ur not as old as my mum. :D
My mom is way to old compared to u :P
lol! jk.

Peace & Love

shnaggy said...

hey anonymous,

kookie is just so cute and cooperative. no

therefore i should say this is not an effective campaign...

thanks all...

rajeev...aap ke aamad ka shukrya!

Rajeev said...

and btw why is it that i see only Pugs all ova ur blog??


Peace & Love

Rajeev said...

Whoa! ur online 24*7 huh!?
Everytime i leave a comment i see ur reply the next moment itself!?
btw what do i call u as sheila or shnaggy!?? :-?

shnaggy said...

haha...exactly am on 24/7...i sleep with it on line...u can call me sheila...

parrtiney ka base is kookie but really it's not all about pugs if you have a look...i did make two poems hey...

Rajeev said...

Same here as well :D
well actually not 24*7 but 18*7 :D
Sorry but im really bad at hindi!!
No wonder i never used to pass in hindi in skool :P

Rajeev said...

Yeah rite.
I listen to almost all kinda muzik!
Music Rocks my world.
U know what today is the worst day in mah life :((
IRON MAIDEN has come to bangalore, but sad that i couldn't go :((
And i see that ur a bookslut.
When I say SLUT i dont mean the other meaning. I just mean to say that u luv books!
I hope u don't mind.
btw if u dnt have prblm buzz me on yahoo. mah id is in my profile.

Peace & Love

Rajeev said...

Yeah I Know!
I shud be stupid to miss the concert!! :((
MAIDEN wud be one of mah All time Fav band after FLOYD.

I just asked so. I thou talkin thro comments was not sucha a gud idea :P
Newayz forget it.

Peace & Love

Rajeev said...

So which is ya fav band??

Rajeev said...

Hey my new post is out.
Read & Review. Flames encouraged.

Peace & Love

shammu... said...

awww, kookie is cute,and the ad is cute, am sending ur link to some of my frends!hehe!!!

hope everythings fine and well at ur end!

Rajeev said...

Amazing Song.

Keshi said...

LOL this is soooooooo very cute! I love koookie awwwwwww!

btw some ppl on the net call me k000kie ROFL!


preetha said...

Hey shnaggy!!!!!

came to see kookie stories... :)

hhope u'r doin fine...m leaving for colege...u too have a wonderfully gr8 dayyy...nd hugzz to kookie!!!

:) :)

Anonymous said...