Friday, March 30, 2007

eye in the sky

this photo is very rare and can happen only every three thousand years. not very many photographers can capture this. but known to have been enhanced digitally.

it is believed to have made miracles and changed many people's lives. they call it "GOD'S EYE"

well, this indeed is an awesome phenomenon and just one of God's amazing creations.
but for me, this is not God's eye for His eye is much more powerful and intense and we can see it everywhere if we just have a closer look...

this is the HELIX NEBULA also known as NGC 7293 taken with the CFHT located atop a
dormant volcano in hawaii on august 28, 2000. the original photo of the so called God's eye.


Keshi said...

awesome indeed!

Wonder who's watching me from the skies :)


Rajeev said...

Amazing pics!!!
esp the third one!!

great job.

Peace & Love

preetha said...

I had got the first pic by mail...the others are aslo simply beautiful!!!

:) :)
hope you'r doin fine shnaggy!!

My regards to Kookie too!!!

:) :)

Carol said...

wow amazing photos...beautiful..

blessings :)

Nabeel said...

yes it is the Helix Nebula, and known as Eye of God .. yet another wonder of the vast Universe of God.

shammu... said...


Beautiful Pics! and Beautiful Creations byGod!! thanks you for sharing!