Tuesday, March 27, 2007

every picture tells a story...

and here the story is that :

someone lost this car to someone

someone will laugh at this sign even if he is alone

it's campaign season in ph

someone graduated

but often the story is that...
someone didn't know how to use a camera properly

etcetera etcetera


Keshi said...

grrr, bark, woof, good dog...lol love it!


Rajeev said...

The second pic made me laugh

Peace & Love

Carol said...

Sheila, the last picture, the one you said someone didn't know how to use the camera properly...I think is great...It looks like a storm in the desert at night..and can you see the light !!! a shooting star falling to the earth..

shnaggy said...

keshi--yeah, good dog. that's my dog.

rajeev--rol! i wanna make you roll out laughing...hahaha

carol-- you have such a queer eye. that pix has a really nice story i will email to you.
three colors:
brown shows summertime
dark indicates dusk and
blue is the optical illusion of the ocean where it meets the blue blue sky.
the white light could be a bonus for a shooting star. but totally a mistake when shooting at night with unsteady hands, my bad.

magiceye said...

great ones!