Tuesday, January 09, 2007

kookie turns half a year old

happy half-year birthday puggy

my mum bought kookie a cake when she turned three months old
scott's hiding from the cam

kookie's been with us for four months since we got her at two months old. she was barely a couple of kilos that time and now she has bloated to almost six kilos.

for a recap, she may have turned into a beauty but she still is a tomboy deep inside. anything bitable inside the house she has already demolished. to name a few: my rug in the room, drawer handles, tips of her porta carrier, tips of our chairs, and worse of all the rug under our dining table. our dish and hand towels, if she could jump to it would be all over the floor. she finished off her stuffed toys,her pillow, & scott's hug pillow. in addition, we have to always keep our bedroom doors closed so she won't go up on our beds. my bed is more than a couple feet high but she can jump up on it like she is a cat. and she would just go ballistic if she finds her target, this time my hug pillow.

one day, a neighbor from across the block named atoy , brought his pug over. his name's agent T after frank the pug in MIB. agent T is 3 years old and atoy(just as good looking as his pug), brought him over to get to know kookie and perhaps someday have a union together. well, that pug meeting turned out to be really entertaining.
agent T became overly shy and it was kookie who tried to kiss him and calm him down. chase him wherever he goes... kookie...she has the audacity to ride on his bum. OMG! she was the one salivating.
i thought this should've been the male's character when confronted by the female. ok then, perhaps it is home court advantage...but agent T, being a really big pug was just by his master...bowing his head and finding kookie sooooooooo annoying. hmmmmmmm...ain't he a fag...???

now i am wondering if she would ever get preggy or be capable of nursing her pups. she might have a difficult pregnancy or whatever...i just really thought what a tomboy kookie is. on the other hand, that would be a plus factor for being strong and full of energy. well, i'll keep my fingers crossed on that...

here are the pix:


Anonymous said...

Oh Ahhhh Toy My Ahhhh Toy! I'd love to have that toy!!!

chantellovesu said...

omg i didnt know you have two!!!!! i love them both!!!

shnaggy said...

hi there chantellovesu, thanks for leaving a comment. no, i have only one cuz my first pug died last may. this one, agent T, is our neighbor's pug...that guy holding the pugs...my sister used to giggle whenever he passby our house and i'll shout...hey regards daw from yeng...hahaha

Anonymous said...
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