Monday, January 01, 2007

decoding da vincci

da vincci a.k.a. ikki

"here's the long awaited photos of our baby, IKKI.
We've protected his privacy from the paparazzi since we got him from Dubbo, New South Wales. I, his mum, took, edited and hand picked the super uptimum quality of his pictures available, to ensure a classy portfolio.
He eats bloody anything...even cockroaches!!!!That's how classy he is!"

--by YENG, ikki's mum

the sexy da vincci

with oozing sex appeal

his bed with all his toys

he loves playing in the yard with the sprinkler on

jashkah has finally found a good buddy to sleep with

kookie says: hmmm... this is my brother in australia? i think he is uglier... but my mum says "the uglier, the better"

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Anonymous said...

What's up folks? Where's all the OOOOHHHhHHsss and AAAhhhhhhssss....?????He's got good genes too eh?

shnaggy said...'s because we've seen 'em all...little bit too late...
yeah he's sooooooooo cute...

unown said...