Wednesday, December 20, 2006

kookie's grannies on the first league of their outback adventure

last monday, i sent off my mum and dad to cdo airport as the first league of their journey on their australian holiday starts. i was lucky enough to be able to hang around with them in the aiport lounge. thanks to my hubby's cousin who works in the airport, anabelle, for letting me in.
i took some pictures of them together. they have grown old but gold... how time flies...

long time ago they cannot go on vacation without us kids along them...all those baon stuff, thermo bottles for our milk all intact. not to mention rice and adobo and hard boiled eggs as our bringalong, anytime meal. (and btw, that thermo bottle is still alive and very much of use in their little new home in villa flora).
my mum is the traveller and my dad is the follower.
as of now, they are in manila with my br
other's wife and kid, vina and arvin ros. they'll leave for darwin on friday morning...
bon voyage mum and dad.
here are the pix:

kookie says: i hope my grampa won't get lost...and in case he will... auntie yeng, grandpa is wearing his favorite kc shirt, a baseball cap, and a backpack. please report to airport security.

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