Tuesday, December 19, 2006

christmas shopping

when we were younger, all four of us kids ( err...correction...three of us rather cuz my sis was still a baby) experienced alternately going into a tiring, 4-hour journey on unpaved highways into the city with our dad. the trip now would take only half the number of hours as before. and we all migrated to this city called cagayan de oro several years back.

my folks owned this little bookshop in the place where we grew up in a university town. we are so blessed to have both parents working for the government and the bookshop was a bonus plus the first model of the toyota tamaraw as my family's transport business. (click the comments and you'll know why that business didn't prosper. now i know who the culprit is.ha hah!)
if i remember it correctly, my dad would do some replenishing of the store twice a month and each of us kids will take turns going with him to the city. but i guess i had the most turn cuz i was gullible and easy to please. the first thing we do when we get into the city is to have lunch and check into a waray kinda hotel and the most boring part is when my dad would purchase the stuff for the bookshop. this would take hours and hours of waiting with all this stacks of papers towering in front of me...but the reward after the waiting would be to take me "shopping". for years and years, this was my concept of shopping. to have this long wait before doing the real shopping. so i have associated it with the waiting period before doing the real stuff. and by the time my dad would take me to the "mall" i am too tired and my skin is filthy and only excitement would open my eyes. well, the shopping means to buy me new clothes or clothes for my brothers and sister and some goodies. but i also have this vivid memory of having us go to the sewer to have our tailor-made denims. hmmm...strange. and when happy emporium got burned down that little tailoring got burned down, too, and all our precious denims went down to ashes. i'll never forget that time...but we were still kids and that made the difference that shopping is a fun thing to do. and whatever goes with it even if we are often told "we don't have enough money for that thing...blahblahblah" i didn't mind so long as i go shopping like a kid happy, lost in wonderland.

last november was my dad's 69th birthday and he is old and moves cheerfully this time. my mum and i took him shopping in preparation to their australian holiday (my next post)... and i guess maybe this time the feeling is reversed. maybe, just maybe, he was excited as i was when i was a kid but tired of the waiting period that my mum and i kept going into shop after shop and he was just marching behind us wherever we go. how ironic life can be.
we had several things to buy for him and my sister and her family in australia. it lasted for weeks until two days ago.
so many people were already shopping for christmas presents you'll never know there is a crisis going on in the philippines. when i was a kid, i was eager to wait no matter what... this time the thing that would kill me was the waiting in queue to the cashier.

this Christmas, i'd be doing my shopping in s.m. mall. not only do they have well organized stuff, very new and complete thingies for kids, a 10-minute drive from our house minus the traffic, a multi-level parking with security guards, but also because i admire the man behind this empire, henry sy. i have read a bit of his biography and he is so admirable and such a family man...

because of limited budget (as always), the only presents i would buy are for the kids in kauswagan. these are my hubby's little nephews and nieces and there are i guess seven of them. it is so good to give to kids because whatever you give them, they would be so happy and thankful and the looks in their faces would be worth millions in return. and to the four youngest girls, i'll bring them to the mall myself just to have fun, hand pick their very own present and eat ice cream, whatever fancies them. i guess it is the best way to connect to them. the girls names are sammygirl, natalie, justine, and dianne.

grocery shopping is a different thing to do and i love to do it with my family or anyone else. but for other stuffs and if i have something to buy i prefer to go shopping alone but if i don't have a plan to buy anything or have no money... i'd be happy to tag along 'cause ... I LOVE SHOPPING!!!

kookie says: ahhhh swell... this would mean i'll be home alone again...hmmm...nice shopping folks and don't ya forget my mallows .


Anonymous said...

Funny, I don't remember any of that...???? I remember, whenever I want something, and get told I can't have it, I scream/shout/cry/yell and even jump out of the vehicle. I don't remember mum wanting me to go to the city with her ( I guess cuz she knows what's going to happen if I come-heheheh)...I'd go on saying (just before she leaves)..."mum can you buy me lipstick lipstick, make-up makeup, jeep jeep...." If she doesnt say yes...I'd chase the "CHARMS TRANSPORT" screaming and crying. I can't remember having a tailor made pants and stuff. I remember stealing coins though whenever they do the " money-count" every night. Boy I love hanging around when they count the money!!! Whenever they turn their heads somewhere, I stretch my little pointing finger across the table to get the nearest coin I can reach...Shopping? I remember dad wants to buy chicken-feet in a can a lot!!!!That was shopping to me. When there's chicken feet...there's shopping!!!!


shnaggy said...

oh yeah...i forgot you were still a baby.
mentioning charms transport i could just remember how proud we were to see our names in the front of this vehicle. all four of our names which is charms. but as we grew older...we secretly erased our names one by one until only your name was left. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

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