Monday, July 26, 2010

trying to come back

oh well...
it's been just a while since my last update. 'a while' means a few hundred years if you are a cullen.
but for me, it means more than a year actually. yeah, a lot of things happened. i made new friends and built hurdles to some. we learned to scuba dive and
introduced it to my sis and her son. had another pug, tyra black (jacob's sis). kookie laid four puggies and three died. read a few books, went to boracay, dove in dahwin, duka, manta and sipalay. climb bukidnon twice, took a few thousand pictures, ended a business, and eyeing another.
abandoned my multiply, friendster and
cmuans dot ning account, then made facebook permanent account... and was such a fun year, all in all.

since october, i've been here and there. there means cagayan de oro to take care of some business.
every month i go home to cdo and i am quite able to manage my time with my family well enough. thank god.

so really, nothing much happened. except that i
am doing a construction... that i will post next...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

what are doing?

Anonymous said...

what are you doing?

Anonymous said...

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Nabeel's Cosmos said...

well I hope you come back. don't worry about post consistency ... just post whenever you can

Anonymous said...

mmesOEG - hallo guys :D

Nabeel's Cosmos said...

Friendster is through which it all started ... that was the early facebook .. Friendster and myspace I believe. I've never used either.

Nabeel's Cosmos said...

comon, come back ... post a small post ... that's all. Just tell us about your day

Margie said...

Came by to say" hi"
Come back soon!

Margie :)