Friday, April 06, 2007

the long weekend

today is good friday and in my largely catholic country it is a big holy day and a long weekend at that. people celebrate the holiday according to their beliefs and their religious denominations. christians commemorate Good Friday as the day that Jesus Christ died.

some believers go to church and do sacrifices like doing the station of the cross in the mountains under the heat of the summer sun. not to mention the influx of locals and tourists you cannot even move freely on the road and walk shoulder to shoulder with strangers.

some go to extremes like reenacting the passion of Christ. nailing oneself to the cross with real big nails. have themselves beaten with real wired ropes. some do it for experience, some for attention, some had been doing it for years with a cause.

some people flock the beaches of boracay, palawan, cebu, bohol, davao and other parts of the country as we have 7107 islands. in my place, cagayan de oro, most people go to camiguin island or the nearby beaches. well, for us...yesterday my hub, scott, and i went white water rafting. well, sad we still don't have the pix and video so i'll wait for it to come and share it to promote my city in my little corner of the blog world.

as for me... if you think sacrificing can get you free, then sacrifice all your life. not just for a day. i believe it would be hypocrisy if you only do good today and sure to go back to your usual self tomorrow. i believe in Christ as it is told in the holy bible. the things that i cannot do or fail to do that are written in the commandments of God will be my sins. i take the bible as my road map in my spiritual life. i should be reading it more though...

well, we don't have action today...just stayed home over hanged from our rafting experience yesterday. just watching a marathon of my favorite tv program SEVENTH HEAVEN.


rln said...

yeah that is our filpino custom. holy week is really holy especially to the older folks but generation today like mine holy week is a long enjoyable action-filled days.

Nabeel said...

at first glance I thought it was a "matam" picture .. matam is done by the Shiyas during the month of Muharam. They hit themselves with knives and such (very brutal) in mourning of Hazrat Ali

shammu... said...

i would agreewith you that sacrifice should be for a lifetime, but then, its good that we have days like these, cos it reminds us atleast once in a while of the things we are supposed to do :D!

takecare & have a lovely weekend!

Rajeev said...

People really do all that on Good Friday!? :O
I neva knew about it. i haven seen anybody do that here. :P Maybe theyare scared :D lol!
btw 7107 islands!?!? :O

Peace & Love

Anonymous said...

wer r u man? so quiet man lagi. mum there? got migraine.

Anonymous said...

...but this guy crucified..seen the story of his life in National Geographic.

His wife almost died earlier on in their marriage, so he made a promise to God that he'd crucify himself every year for 12 or 15 years(can't remember exactly)during the holy week just to let his wife live....and she now he's living up to his promise. i think 12 or 15 years is almost up.

preetha said...

God!! I couldnt bear to watch that movie, Passion of was so tortorous...
SOme people go a wee bit crazy in the name of religion!!

had a quiet day too yesterday!!

carol said...

Hi, Shnaggy, I have been away for a few days..a really good post..and I whole heartedly agree, we should all make sacrifices each day...Good Friday reminds us of this.. I hope you had a fulfilling Easter..