Tuesday, February 27, 2007


i would like to make notice of this "soldier in arms".

yes, what you see is what you get...a lot can be said about this picture of a soldier giving comfort to the child in need of one. i guess it is vice versa, too. the child gave him a comforting warmth. the feel of "home" away from home.

thank you to this soldier who took time and share his heart to this child...had this soldier done something wrong then he'll be all over the news. he has done a great deed to this child...he goes unnoticed.

and bravo to the man behind the cam...he captured one of nature's true beauty.

comfort of your sleep
embraced by enemy's arms
and now beat as one


Margie said...

Another blogger friend of mine had this picture on her site not too long ago!
It touched my heart so much when I saw it and it does now too!
May God bless this wonderful man of compassion and love!
He is a true hero!

shammu... said...

As Margie says,its truly a hearttouching pic and that man is full of compassion and love! its Amazing to see such small but Gret acts in this world of ours!

am sorry for not visitin you these days,my net conection is screwed up these days,so i type a post and run off before it starts acting weird :D :D

as for the RED code, here it is,

scroll down to see the code for the corner ribbon code, and put it up in ur layout page and it would turn out alright! Glad to know you suport the campaign too!!
and yeah,am out of my irritatain cranky mood! lol!!!

magiceye said...

lovely sight....tho war is such a stupid thing

shnaggy said...

yeah...very touching...

a few months back an american soldier in my country was convicted of rape. i would like to make mention that the fault of one american is not a fault of all the americans...they have done much for our country but a large part of us single them out...i was glad to have received this pix from my sis...

thanks margie, shammu

and magiceye, war war stupid...but we can't help it...

c yah!