Monday, January 15, 2007

central mindanao uni

the century old stairs in my uni, from the college of forestry to the main library.

as grade school kids, we used to pass by this concrete stairs twice daily and ran up and down the elevated sidelines. one who falls off will have to go back from the start, otherwise will have no chance of winning. the last one to reach the school is a crab!!!

CMU oh CMU... how i miss you...

a few steps to the stairs is a water reservoir just right beside our school...imagine these big guys runing around they visited the site to reminisce and take a shot.

em-em, benben, lando, and my big bro bong...nice shot guys!!!

* * * * *

congratulations to danny santiago for passing the nurses board...

here's the link to the nurses board exam result. download the pdf:


Anonymous said...

danny boy...CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

shnaggy said...
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Anonymous said...

hope u won't take up medicine this time..heheh