Sunday, December 31, 2006

a smile on my face

justine, sammygirl, and natalie...kookie's dad side couz

The day before christmas i took my hubby’s youngest nieces to the mall. I sent a text message to one of the girl’s mum so they’d be ready when I pick them up. When I got there, the girls didn’t have a clue…I learned that my text message wasn’t received. So I told them to dress up cuz am taking them to the mall and they were just so excited. Sam and justine dressed up in a snap and I called the other mum to have Natalie ready cuz we’d come by in a minute to pick her up. I wasn’t sure of the way to natalie’s house so I asked the girls if they knew the way. They said, “yes!” but they both pointed in different directions. So it took us a while to get to natalie’s house. By the time we got there nat was waiting by the road…then off we went. All three girls were so excited and so noisy inside the car.

In the mall I told them to get three things they really love to have and show it to me. If I say ok…they can have it. I was so nervous they might get the expensive ones. Well, they really know what to get. They took me to the Barbie doll section and I said it’s quite expensive so if they really want it they can have only one. They picked up my hint and they started rolling around in circles. Touching things and leaving it. I was smiling to my self looking at them getting so excited and didn't know what to get. Justine was the first one to show me her first choice and it was a crown and a sceptre. And the two girls followed her lead. And they got wallets, hankies, and cute thingies. They were just so happy and contented to what they got. But actually, what they got were inexpensive stuff, just girly girl stuff.

They had the biggest smiles in their faces and I cannot understand what they were saying. I had every girl’s stuff packed for each of them. they were so proud bringing what they have personally handpicked. Then they took me to some amusement…they asked if they could ride the bumble bee. and off they flew away. Waving every time they passed by me. After the ride we went for a snack of fries and ice cream then we went to my house to pick up scott. On the way I asked them if they were happy and I got a resounding “YES! Thank you auntie!” for a reply.

they met kookie for the first time and became friends instantly but I have to get the girls home before late. They didn’t have enough time to play. It just touched me so much how you can make a child really happy with smiles so big.

I was thinking of the kids in an orphanage, what if someone just took them shopping…what would their expression and feelings be???

here are the pix:

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