Friday, November 24, 2006

strutts like giselle bundchen

oh my goodness! what a cute outfit for kookie. i never knew she'd look as beautiful as this. indeed she has transformed into a beauty. all the while i thought she was a tomboy. but i was wrong. look at her, isn't she lovely?
i didn't even have a hardtime taking her photos. kookie cooperated well and she strutts her stuff like an expert. she even enjoyed her photo shoot. what a showoff...

kookie says: oh, it's not a goodie. but thank you so much to ikki's mum and jashkah, the sender of the postpack. how did you know my size?
my mum was so overjoyed and her heart leaped a hundred feet above sea level seeing me so cute. so, move over miss bundchen. i can strutt and pose better ya know...

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Anonymous said...

No worries mate!!!