Tuesday, November 07, 2006

once upon a long ago

well, as promised i will post pix of kookie's aunts and uncles with their kids. so here goes kookie's pedigree...dressed as holloween victims...

this are very old pix and i find it fun.
tips: if you don't have a scanner, all you need to do is go to your local internet cafe and have your pix scanned and sent to your email address. congest the pix. it cost only P15.00 a page.
this page will be upgraded as i gather more fun pix from a long time ago.

yesterday was my sis' (above)birthday.guess how
old she is now. she's barely a year old in this pix.

who's this little genius?


Anonymous said...

this must be a great memories to ponder. looking at these pix relates your closeness from childhood. its hard to figure it out the looks you have now.

shnaggy said...

why? we've all grown...fat? that's a good sign of progress.

yannis said...

hmmmm..... one of these girls...... is my wife...she is 35 right now!!!!!