Friday, November 10, 2006

coming up posts for the weekend

* the coming of da vincci a.k.a. ikki

* arvin ros hangs out with abs cbn celebrities (not a hooey)

kookie says: hhhmmmmm. someone's stealing the spotlight from me. something fishy goin' on...
but my mum told me she'll write about my first real adventure to the beach where i had an accident. this pix is one of it. havalook at the background. see? i really went to the beach!!! in fact am on the baywatch tower.


Anonymous said...

Da Vincci de coded...finally!!!Been a long wait. Now, Jashkah's finally got a brother!!!


Anonymous said...

what's with this da vincci thing?

Anonymous said...

Finally got him last Friday night from the airport...and boy was he so cute inside his crate!!! Wouldn't wanna come out so I had to pull him out. The moment he was on my chest, he knew I'm going to be his mum forever!!!

shnaggy said...

congratulations!!! instant MUM!