Monday, November 20, 2006

the tv commercial

i have seen this tv hog supplement commercial that's cute
and funny. i thought of applying it on kookie and she would
look excellent in it had it been a pug commercial.
i wish i could download the song and have it played here.
anyway, the lyrics goes like this:

samtang bata pa
sa kasagbutan
mag ginukuray
mag dula sa ulan
kay kanus-a lang
sila bata
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kookie says: mum, are you trying to make me into a lechon pug this christmas?


Tracy said...

In English now?...Please?

Salamat po,


shnaggy said...

literally or maybe not , it goes somethin like...

while still a child
they'g go chasing in the grass
play under the rain
'cuz you'll never know the'd grow old very soon