Wednesday, October 18, 2006

kicks like ronaldinho

yesterday my son, scott, shouted at kookie. i told him to have a lot of patience cuz she is just a little puppy. at times we can't help but compare her to our late wally who is so house trained and plays his antics at a very good time. he has never bitten any of our furniture, foot wears, area rug, and i could go on and short, all he gave us were happy moments. he never gave us a headache.

this little one, at two months old... has finished the sides of our basket, torn our rug, eaten our fresh flowers, harassed her toys and on and on.

she loves to keep biting on something but her favorites are our gourmet fingers, toes, and shoes. regardless of the smell and cost, yes.

so when i went downtown i looked for something friendly and wouldn't get destroyed easily. i found this ping pong ball disguised as a pink soccer ball. when i got back home i showed it to her and her eyes fired up at exactly the same roundness as the ball. i thought maybe she
thought it was a goodie she could savour with all of her large, slightly undershot mouth and incisors sharp as a butcher's knife.

but when i let the ball bounce she instinctly had this kicking ability flow like ronaldinho...she bends it like beckham... she head butts it like zidane.

hmmm is she really a tomboy? boy oh boy!

a good snooze after her "world cup" debut

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